1. Do you stop yourself from doing or saying certain things because someone might think you're gay or lesbian? Yes/no.

2. Do you ever intentionally do or say things so that people will think you're nongay? Yes/no.

3. a) Do you believe that gays or lesbians can influence others to become homosexual? Yes/no.

b) Do you think someone could influence you to change your sexual and affectional preference? Yes/no.

4. If you are a parent, how would you feel about having a lesbian daughter or gay son?

5. How do you think you would feel if you discovered that one of your parents or parental figures, or a brother or sister, were gay or lesbian?

6. Are there any jobs, positions, or professions that you think lesbians and gays should be barred from holding or entering?

7. Would you go to a doctor whom you knew or believed to be gay or lesbian:

a) if that person were of a different gender from you? Yes/no.

b) If that person were of the same gender as you? Yes/no.

8. Would you wear a badge that says, "How dare you assume that I'm heterosexual"? Yes/no?

9. Can you think of three positive aspects of a gay or lesbian lifestyle?

10. Can you think of three negative aspects of a nongay lifestyle?

Adapted from "Two-Hour In-Service Training Session on Homophobia", A. Elfin Moses and Robert O. Hawkins, Jr, in "Lesbian and Gay Issues: Resource Manual for Social Workers," Hilda Hidalgo, Travis L. Peterson, Natalie Jane Woodman, editors, National Associaiton of Social Workers, 1985.

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